Saturday, October 26, 2013

Meet the Authors

Perfect timing, a meet the local authors gathering. A room full of people with finished books that have had them edited, written the blurb for the back, designed a cover, formatted and blah blah blah..........a million other things that just overwhelm me to think about. There must be some people there willing to share the bits of the journey that have landed them, surrounded by their books and blogs and business cards, in the MCC on this auspicious  occasion.
Yes, by the end of the day I have several new contacts, a list of things to google and a couple of horror stories about publishing companies that have dumped or misrepresented their previously elated conscripts......oh oh.
The dilemma of whether to self publish or try a publishing house has been further complicated by a third option called, "Partnership Deals" and I now know that there are Independent Publishers that I should research as well........mmmmm OK.
There is a Sunshine Coast Literary Association that I didn't know about and it was strongly recommended that I join the QLD Writer's Centre, even though I have checked out their website and been singularly unimpressed by what they offer; expensive mostly and therefore inaccessible. I'll have another look.
On the topic of money though, apparently the Arts Qld. people have some money to give away to help with manuscript development, but I couldn't find monies of that sort on their website......if anyone finds it, please let me know.
One more's good to have your best draft, you know, the one you can barely stand to rework for the 7th time, professionally edited by a member of the Qld Society of Editors before you go any further.
So, thanks Maleny Celebration of Books. It's great to know that there are people, not unlike me, who have made it through the tornadoes of confusion that surround me at present. And thank you for sharing.

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